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Paula McGlynn

CEO + Founding Director,
Gulbadan Talkies Pvt. Ltd., Bharatiya Digital Productions Pvt. Ltd.

Paula McGlynn is CEO and Co-Founder of Gulbadan Talkies and Marathi content brand Bharatiya Digital Party (BhaDiPa). BhaDiPa started making fresh, new and original content in Marathi in 2016 when there was no Marathi content in the digital space. Last year BhaDiPa revived the Marathi stand-up comedy scene and has expanded into several content genres including Travel & Lifestyle (Bha2Pa), News & Politics (Vishay Khol), and has several Long-Format series releasing soon. BhaDiPa has become a voice for young Maharashtrians and has created an eco-system of over 1 Million loyal followers.


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