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Role Player 2022

Akhil Kumar Srivastava

Managing Director
Parfait India

His grit glitters bright, and he is a gentleman with the touch of Midas.

Akhil Kumar Srivastava is a prodigious man leading as the Managing Director of PARFAIT India. From beingardent in the Fashion field in his late twenties to being addressed as the Fastest Growing Leader in 2019 -Akhil'sJourney has been on the crest of a wave ever since. Socially praised for being generous, Akhil has kept hisphilanthropic values intact and strenuously worked over the last 16 years with an in-depth understanding of thevaried demographics and complex consumer behavior in diverse roles, verticals, and industries, and finally thesuccessfulestablishmentofPARFAITINDIAin2018.

Drawing inspiration from his previous professional stints, he knew it was time for him to create an organizationthat would stand out as a leading brand in the innerwear industry's niche field and makes a difference in socialnorms with his thoughtful deed. Lose Hate not weight is not just a proverb it's a belief that the brand would liketosetupthroughtheirrigorousactivitiesaboutbodypositivityandceasebody-shamingcompletelyirrespectiveofany size or shape a woman have. Despite such recognition and acknowledgments, Akhil prefers staying humbleandcontinuesinspiringtheorganizationtocreateabetterfutureforitselfanditscustomers.


  • Received Award as "Company of the Year 2022" for Parfait India
  • Received "Times Visionary Leader 2022" for Parfait Lingerie India
  • Part of Board of Study, Bundelkhand University, Jhansi, 2022
  • Featured in Forbes India Power list Leader 2021 for Parfait Lingerie India
  • Fastest Growing Brand & Leader Asia One 2019-20