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Role Player 2022

Binal Shah

Chief Marketing Officer
Macmerise Celfie Design Private Limited

When a brand banks on a unique product positioning, it needs leaders who strategize beyond norms to reach goals faster. Binal is one such valuable resource with her pulse on consumer insights and forecasting trends. As marketing head of Macmerise, she juggles duties between managing a complete licensing and collaboration portfolio,onboarding celebrities / communities / brandsto create their merchandise, and promoting them across various channels.

Consumer insights have always interested Binal, who has worked as a qualitative researcher at Ipsos, a global MNC, and previously handled market research projects for HUL, Kellogg's, and Kao. Such diverse experienceshave equipped her to understand the pulse of the Indian consumer. As an entrepreneur, she applies this learning at Macmerise in order to transform great content into merchandise that, in turn, fosters a stronger sense of community building between creators / brands and their followers. In doing so, she strengthens the biggest form of branding today, i.e., merchandise development.