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Role Player

Amanda Louw Bester

Founder & Consultant
Pragmattica Digital Consulting

Topic: “The State of Digital Media in emerging markets”

Amanda is a thought leader for digital media and monetization in Africa, with a keen focus on mobile. Over 11 years’ experience in digital media, working with leading brands, agencies, media publishing and AdTech companies. Within 5 years of her career Amanda headed up the African portfolio for a Singaporean ad network. Amanda was employee no:1 for two local programmatic media start-up companies before founding Pragmattica, a consulting firm focused on commercial monetization strategies and skills development for media and tech companies.

“An introduction to the history of online advertising and how it’s evolved into the highly sophisticated programmatic ad tech dominated ecosystem of today. We’ll navigate through best practices when establishing marketing and monetization strategies and address some misconceptions and global trends that may affect your business strategy. This session will provide you with valuable insights and understandings to futureproof your organizations for the rapidly evolving digital economy of the 4th industrial revolution.“


  • Improved understanding of the digital media and ad tech ecosystems, where we come from to where we are today.
  • In-depth understanding of the programmatic advertising landscape
  • Tools to help formulate a suitable digital marketing and monetization strategy
  • Tools and tips for generating more revenue for your business