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Role Player

Roman Kumar Vias


Topic: “how to scale your marketing using latest hacks of paid social and content marketing”

Roman Worked in Tinkoff Bank (World’s Largest online bank) as co-branded cards product manager.
Launched products with eBay and Google
One of co-founders of Qlean (World’s 3-rd on-demand cleaning company), Shelly
CEO & Founder of Qmarketing (marketing agency with clients from San-francisco, London, Nigeria, Western and Eastern Europe)
Co-founder of PostZilla (NY application for restaurants)
Over the 2 years of its existence, the marketing agency “Qmarketing” collaborated and did marketing campaigns for the next companies:
Tinkoff Bank (
Raiffesen Bank (
Basepaws (
Token Box (
Tik Tok (

Points of tittle:

  1. Facebook Ads + Content Marketing. How to reduce your CPO 10x
  2. Ultimate Framework for b2b advertising using Facebook/Instagram
  3. Linkeding Lifehacks
  4. Budgetless content-marketing. How to use Medium, Quora, Reddit to boost your marketing